Friday, March 19, 2010

pictures and late night tv

So i LOVE LOVE LOVE my camera, and every day I'm learning new things, new tricks to try, and coming up with new compositions, colors etc. ....... But.......... I have SO many pictures!!! And what do I do with them all. I have such a hard time deleting any, I'm pretty sure I need to just break down and do it! Start going through and tossing the ones that aren't any good.... thoughts?

As for the late night tv... well i'm home alone, I'm in Portland in a house that has so many new things (great job mom!) that it almost doesn't look like my home :) But i like it! Anyhow, my sleep schedule is messed up so I ended up staying up late, getting pics off my camera, and watching late night tv.

So, my friend Mindy who has a blog and in it she mentioned the group Pomplamoose. I listed to them and loved it!!! Thanks min!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

in the name of jesus

I believe in Jesus and I believe in miracles, but today I experienced something that made me giggle. A patient was in the hospital and a family member was right next to the bed, commanding in a southern accent...
"i command your body to fix itself.... in the name of jesus"
"I command the blood to go back where it is supposed to go... in the name of jesus"
reading this, it doesn't appear nearly as humerous as it sounded, and i know it was heartfelt and I shouldn't laugh, but it was just a great stress reliever and I thought i'd share :)

g'nite all

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why I love my job!

Wow, I just realized how long it has been since i've blogged anything. I don't know if this will become more of a regular occurance or not, but I've had a couple experiences lately that I've wanted to share, so... why not. :)

Is most of you probably know, I am now a nurse, I work in an Emergency Room. I had an amazing experience yesterday that I can't tell a lot of details about, but I wanted to share. There was an accident that came in. A surgeon who was in the room at the time called me over. He explained, "come here, you need to learn this so that you can do it next time." I went over and saw that he had done a thoracotomy, which simply means that he cut a hole into the patient's thoracic cavity. He showed me how he had been doing internal CPR, which means that instead of doing chest compressions, he had his hand inside the patient's chest and was physically squeezing the patient's heart to move blood throughout the body. He had me stick my hand inside and I got to hold the patient's heart in my hand. The doctor had me explore inside a little, I felt the diaphragm, the lungs, and the heart. It was surreal. I was holding a heart in my hand! It felt just like I imagined a heart would feel, and it was very hard for me to actually stick my hand in at first. It just felt like I shouldn't be allowed to do something like that! But, I feel very blessed to be at a hospital where all the staff seem to advocate teaching so much!

More adventures later :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Is this the whole picture?
Or is this just the start? 
Is this the way you love me? 
You're capturing my heart.  

I used to try and walk alone 
But I've begun to grow 
And when you tell me just to rest 
I'm finally letting go. I let go.  

And I'm here to stay 
Nothing can separate us. 
And I know I'm ok 
You cradle me gently  
Wrapped in your arms 
I'm home.  

I'm seeing so much clearer 
Looking through your eyes 
I could never find a safer place 
Even if I tried  

All the times I've needed you 
You've never left my side 
I'm clinging to your every word 
Don't ever let me go 
Don't let me go  

And i'm here to stay 
Nothing can separate us. 
And I know, I'm ok 
You cradle me gently  
Wrapped in your arms I'm home.  

By Fireflight  

So, I've started working out to christian music. I figure that it is better to have amazing words pounded into my head as I agonize away on the treadmill, plus it gives me a chance to be continually reminded to talk to my savior. I have really started enjoying my time to just keep a rhythm and talk to God. Today as I ran, I came across this song, and it totally spoke to my heart. I hope you get something from it too. If you haven't listened to the band fireflight, check them out, they have some incredible things to say.  

God Bless

Thursday, October 16, 2008

motivation... inspiration...

something, i just need something.  maybe i just need a good kick in the ass.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

books on tape

these are my savior for the time being.  i've been listening to lots of book on tape.  i really need to find something more productive to do with my time.  wish me luck.